Inter-process communication

Gordon Webster gwalias-rev at
Sat Jan 1 21:01:49 EST 2005

Dear Revolutionaries

Is it sensible/feasible to use the clipboard for
communicating between rev and other processes?

e.g. suppose I want to pass control to another process
that does a large, numerically intensive calculation
and then passes the result back to the rev app by
writing to the clipboard. This assumes that the
overhead of parsing the result on the clipboard is
more than offset by the time saved by doing the
calculation in a separate, natively compiled process.

Would this be quicker than communicating using files?

Is there a way in rev to get a message when the
clipboard's contents change?

- something like "on clipboardUpdated"

Of course, using the externals SDK to access a DLL
would be optimal - is there a tutorial somewhere on
how to access the functions in a DLL from within rev?
Would I have to write a C program to do this?



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