changing object's location causing long delays

Nicolas Cueto nrkweto03 at
Sat Jan 1 19:17:52 EST 2005


Any ideas why there would be a long processing delay (about 15 seconds)
whenever I use the mouse to move any non-hidden object on a card? By
contrast, there is no significant delay if I use keyboard arrow-keys instead
to move the same object, nor if I do any other types of changes to the same
card, such as to the scripts, properties or adding objects.

Of possible significance:

- the card has 388 objects

- almost all objects are hidden, and grouped as smaller groups into eight
larger groups. About half of the objects in each of these eight groups are
buttons and a third are images. Out of those grouped images, about 35 in
total are referenced by fileName to the same gif image, 2 images in each of
the eight groups together have a total size of about 13,000, and the
alwaysBuffer ("Preload in memory") is "false

- bufferHiddenImages is set to "false". I also tried setting it to "true",
but no effect. Similarly, I also set the alwaysBuffer of all images to
"true", but with no improvement

- the computer is Win2k, 400Mb RAM, 900Mghz

- the stack itself has three other cards, each of which has under 30
objects, and none of which show the same delay when objects are moved by

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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