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Sat Jan 1 12:41:15 EST 2005

Here's an example of how you would do this as part of a button handler, 
assuming the field you wanted the text to appear in was named "Field":

on mouseUp
   put "This is a test" into field "Field"
end mouseUp

If you wanted the text to display on a line other than the first line 
of the field the statekment would read:

put "This is a test" into line 2 of field "Field"

And, if you wanted the text to display as soon as the card is 
displayed, then you would place the put statement into an on OpenCard 
handler either at card level or stack level (latter if it were to 
appear in this field on every card in the stack).


On Jan 1, 2005, at 12:32 PM, Robert Sabo wrote:

> Ok this is a stupid question none the less. However I
> am just not sure how to do it. All I am trying to
> figure out is how to get something to print in a
> field. I have seen the reply, answer and put commands
> and I dont think those are what I am looking for. I
> could be wrong however. However I know using pascal I
> would do the following
> writeln('Hello');
> and that would print hello to the screen. I am not
> sure what the equivalent is here and I am hoping you
> guys could help me with that. Oh and is there a way to
> do it without having it pop up in a different box all
> the time? Like I just want it to print in a field and
> not pop up in a different box.
> Thanks,
> Robert
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