Using QT Transitions

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Sat Jan 1 01:01:48 EST 2005

At 2:10 PM -0700 12/31/04, Mark Greenberg wrote:
>I must be missing something.  The Answer Effect command will bring 
>up the QT dialog for a user, but what if I want the Gradient Wipe 
>transition, say, as part of my stack?  The answer must be simple, 
>but I'm not seeing it.  I'm using Rev 2.0 on OS X, if that makes a 

When you use the answer effect command, an encooded description for 
the effect is returned in the "it" variable. You can store this 
somewhere (variable, custom property, etc.) and use it in a later 

   answer effect
   if it is not empty then set the myCustomEffect of this stack to it

   -- in a later script...
   visual effect (the myCustomEffect of this stack)
   go card "My Card"
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