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> I think there a bunch of different issues wrong (or in some cases, 
> right but
> not right for everyone) with how Rev handles menus, and have in the 
> past
> tried to describe a completely new architecture that could be 
> introduced
> without breaking compatibility at all, and addressing most of these at 
> a
> stroke.
...Lot of specific comments...
> I'd be really interested in comments on this scheme.  I've shied away 
> from
> entering enhancement requests bugzilla about menus because I want so 
> much.
> But I actually think this could be quite a small request, and realy 
> helpful;
> so I'd like to know whether other people think it makes sense, and how 
> it
> could be improved.


Perfect.  Exactly what I was envisioning when I suggested a separate 
menubar area below the titlebar and above the content area.  And as you 
say, Chipp can continue to do what he's doing with the existing 
functionality.  The only suggestion I might have is that a font fact 
and size be specifiable when setting the windows menubar in this new 

-- Frank

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