Resize a stack window

Martin Baxter martin at
Fri Dec 31 04:21:11 EST 2004

>I have a stack window that I can't resize. Obviously, I've inadvertently
>set some property, but can't figure out which one would stop me resizing
>it (set height or set width still work - but I can't use the mouse to
>click/drag an edge to resize it).
>style is set to toplevel
>resizable is true
>live resizing is also true (shouldn't matter ?)
>min width is 32, max width is 65535
>min height is 32, max height is 65535
>Anything else I need to change ? or should check ?
>-- Alex.


You could try :

set the decorations of stack "foo" to "default"

Odd as it may sound, this is a fix for a known problem that has the
symptoms you describe.


Martin Baxter

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