RunRev vs RealBasic

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Thu Dec 30 21:58:03 EST 2004

Well, Richard, I do appreciate you humoring me.  As I said, besides the RunRev
website and a few testimonials I am "ignorant" as to it's true capabilities. 
And I never used the word "switch".  As I said earlier, I'm familiar with (and
use) multiple tools;  if anything it would be an addition.  And 4G Languages
are fine, as long as power and ability is not lost.  As far as being unhappy
with RB, that's not the case either.  Any well-rounded contractor knows that
he/she must, within reason, keep abreast on the latest tools in order to stay
competitive.  In fact, one of the things that initially attracted me to RB (as
is apparently the case with RunRev as well) was it's native database
connectivity capabilies and also it's native database format.  One thing that
does perplex me about RunRev is the difference between Studio and Enterprise,
and why?  Both in price and capability.

It's rather late and the only analogy I can come up with is a music one.  So all
you guitar players follow along.  When I'm playing music in my garage, I don't
mind at all using a multi-effects pedal with it's handy presets to begin
piecing work together; to prototype so to speak.  It's rather limited, but has
lot's of tools and helps me get the job done.  When I play a show however
(which hasn't been in a few years ;) ) I'm a fan of individual pedals.  I can
tweak and tune each, quickly, according to my taste.  So, is RunRev the
multi-effects pedal with quick and easy "presets" or does it still retain the
"power" of individual pedals as well?  Apologies for the inefficient analogy.


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