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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 28 19:22:22 EST 2004

Chipp Walters wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm stuck on a project and I can't figure out what to do. It's a pretty 
> simple problem.
> I've designed and developed this fairly complete stack w/interface and 
> scripted all the Geometry nicely on the PC. All the functionality is 
> pretty much finished, but I just need to add a simple File Edit Help 
> menu. So, I do this on the PC and everything works fine. I put the menu 
> group in the top of the interface along some other buttons/features the 
> users accesses.
> Now, when I go to the Mac, it cuts off the top of the interface (which I 
> NEED). If I set the height of the stack on a preOpenStack handler after 
> the obnoxious resizing, it only adds space to the bottom...I still don't 
> see the top. I know there must be a simple way to just add a menubar on 
> a MacOSX application w/out having to butcher my stack? I just don't know 
> what it is. I don't want to rewrite all the Geometry Mgmt and redesign 
> this project...

I don't work much with the GM, so if you're using that there may be 
other considerations.  But in general whenever the menubar cropping is 
off the first thing I do is double-check that my menu group is the right 
size; that is, it's not any larger than the menus themselves, and its 
bottom is where you want the stack cropped when it opens on Mac.

If that's already the case, the next question is whether this is a 
substack whose mainstack has no menubar?  If so this may be a known 
sticky issue with the resizing behavior, and until that fix is released 
the workaround is to have a script set the size appropriately on Mac in 
a preOpenStack handler.

Those two tips have handled every case of odd resizing I've come across 
yet. If they don't do it I'm stumped. :)

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