Passing Click from Image to Field?

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Dec 28 17:31:11 EST 2004

Recently, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> I sent an example that does this but it hasn't gone through yet
> apparently.  Anyhow, this one is a little prettier then the first one I
> sent:
> on mouseMove pX, pY
> subtract top of fld "MyField" + borderWidth of fld "MyField" from pY
> put max(0, \
> min(number of lines of text of fld "MyField", \
> trunc((pY + vScroll of fld "MyField") / effective textHeight of fld
> "MyField") + 1) \
> ) into tLine
> put "Line:" && tLine
> end mouseMove

Thanks for this.  A little messing around with Jacque's function produced
similar results, although yours works on mouseMove.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  More may be needed soon... :-)


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