Keeping relationships during a drag event.

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Tue Dec 28 17:07:49 EST 2004

On 12/28/04 3:22 PM, Glen Bojsza wrote:

 > Jacqueline / Chipp
 > Thanks for the feedback.
 > Chipp, your solution is perfect for me to work from.
 > Jaqueline, I looked at the metacard example and the interesting point
 > about it is that  it uses a single polygon line...even though it
 > connects three separate graphics.
 > I am curious to see if Chipp's solution would extend to this (or even
 > if it can). When I start to have multiple images connected with
 > multiple lines which solution would be easier to maintain ie adding
 > and deleting connections?
 > What would you choose?

I haven't looked at Chipp's, so I can't say for sure. But the MC way is 
pretty easy -- just add another 2-line set of coordinates to the 
"points" list for each new object. You can have an unlimited number of 
lines. If you use a script like the MC example to loop through all your 
images, the number of lines and their points will get calculated 
automatically each time the handler runs; you won't even have to do the 
math. Instead of "repeat with i = 1 to 3" you would use "repeat with i = 
1 to the number of images".

This technique is also very fast.

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