Sort : Rev cgi versus mySQL (+ possible bug)

jbv jbv.silences at
Tue Dec 28 15:52:02 EST 2004

I've spent the whole afternoon playing
(well actually trying to write the fastest
script for a client) with Rev cgi and mySql,
especially with sorting of data;
IOW : ORDER BY  vs  sort lines of myVar...

in case of a sort with multiple parameters,
I've found successive sort cmds in the Rev
cgi script to be much faster than SQL cmd
Furthermore, Rev seems to offer more
options than SQL (international sort for

But I've also found that in the case of a
variable with multiple lines & several items
on each line, the following command :
    sort lines of myV ascending international by item 7 of each
seems to get lost (actually outputs random sort)
when item 7 of some lines is empty...

has anyone experienced this ?


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