Dealing with empty groups...

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Tue Dec 28 11:57:14 EST 2004

The empty group acts as a page. If I have an invisible object across the
whole page in there, then when other objects on that page are sent to
the bottom layer of that page, they will be under the invisible button.
I can see that causing various problems.

As long as the group is not empty - then having a script in the card
script that says...

On mouseup
   If the mouseloc is within the rect of group "Page Content 1" then
      (do whatever it is that needs to be done when selecting the page)
   End if
End mouseup

Seems to work fine.

If I have to use a transparent object - then I can just put any object
that does not interfere with the layering of other objects into the
group, and that will allow the group to pass the mouseup message.

It just seems odd that an empty group would trap the mouseup message
without actually responding to it in any way. I was hoping that there
was some property of the group that could be adjusted to control this

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On 12/28/04 10:27 AM, "Lynch, Jonathan" <BNZ2 at CDC.GOV> wrote:

> It seems that an empty group will neither accept a mouseup message,
> allow that mouseup message to be passed to the card.
> Does anyone have suggestions on how to handle that?

Well, my suggestion may not help, but it would be to never have an empty
group; instead, leave a transparent button that is the size of the group
inside the group to act as the trap.

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