UDP (datagram) socket usage.

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Tue Dec 28 08:03:21 EST 2004

Dar Scott wrote:

> Sorry about that.  I was confused about this originally, too.  The 
> docs don't help.  And it being unlike the TCP comm, confuses it, too.
> When you 'open datagram socket', specify a callback.  The callback is 
> NOT for completion of the open.  That completes immediately.  It is 
> for the incoming packets, the responses.

I could have tried for a month of Sundays without guessing that  - thank 

The echo client / server now almost works (i.e. server works all the 
time, client works to the Rev server, but haven't yet got it to work 
with the original (non-Rev) server on another machine).

> The slight minus is that there is no way to squelch input.  The big 
> plus is that you don't loose data.
> Some UDP client-server transactions are short-lived.  The server sends 
> one datagram back and closes.  The client receives one one response 
> datagram and closes.  (If this doesn't fit your model, we can get more 
> into it.)

No, there's no problem with the model - I've been working with 
connectionless protocols including UDP for the best part of 20 years; 
I'm pretty comfortable with distributed algorithms - the model fits this 
application very nicely.

It's simply the translation of the standard BSD-socket API into Rev 
that's confusing me (and the rather less than helpful docs). 
Fortunately, as usual, the very helpful list members go a long way to 
make up the the unhelpful docs.

Thank you again
-- Alex.

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