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D.Rothe drothe at
Mon Dec 27 17:33:43 EST 2004

Thanx I found the answer in the docs....

for eac case I used the following code; worked perfectly ;?)

case "Bold"

if the textStyle of the hilitedText is empty then

set the textStyle of the hilitedText to "bold"


set the textStyle of the hilitedText to \

(the textStyle of the hilitedText) & comma & "bold"

end if


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> On 12/26/04 9:57 PM, "D.Rothe" <drothe at> wrote:
> > How to identify text attributes?
> > Is it possible to identify the style attributes of a selected word in a field,
> > like in most word processors, when you hilite some text the font name, size &
> > style is shown in a menu? This would be on the user side not edit.
> Yes, you can get the textFont, textSize, textStyle, etc. of the
> selectedChunk. Check the entry for "textStyle" in the docs to find out how
> to handle multiple text styles in the selection...
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