CGI lib for Rev

Paul Salyers ps1 at
Sat Dec 25 12:59:35 EST 2004

At 11:57 AM 12/25/2004, you wrote:
>You prefer PHP? Not for long if you already know Revolution. I can imagine 
>you prefer PHP above Perl CGI, but Perl is by far not the only programming 
>language you can use. It can also be written in Rev's own language!
>You should take a look at Jacqueline's great tutorial at 
>There are dozens of satisfied users of this CGI lib. And I am one of them. 
>I made two content management systems based on CGI lib.

I'll look into it, but the reason I like PHP is because PHP is easy to set 
up and there is almost no cgi-bin folder to mess with no chmod. Also will 
Rev cgi use mysql? That is very important.

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