DreamCard Review-PCPLUS

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Dec 24 02:03:10 EST 2004

C'mon Richard, I know it's Christmas, but you may want to take your rose 
colored glasses off for a second:-)

If anyone's at fault for flaming, it's Mr. Anon. Certainly, the points 
you make are correct, but please don't mistake your intimate knowledge 
of PC Plus and their prior business with you, for our (list members) 
familiarity with the same.

Anyone who starts a post:

"Let the flames begin!!

"Flame, flame, burning hot
Rise up now and scorch the lot.
Let the stench of flesh a-burning
Leave them all with stomachs churning."

surely cannot be taken seriously as a contributor of fact to this list. 
Especially when considering he or she wishes not to be known at all. 
(Yeah, I too previously found 1 other post...big deal).

Knowing your reputation for fact and fairness, I believe you are surely 
correct in your assessment of the article, the one you obviously read. 
Neither I nor others have had access to the article. I did (as Thomas) 
Google the Magazine and the Author to find out as much as I could, then 
even asked for a URL here on the list, with no success. As one of the 
few users here with experience in VB, I would like to create a rebuttal 
letter to the article-- and I can't do it without reading it first.

Just as any profession, there are good reviewers, and those who are not. 
I, like you, prefer to do research on the magazine and author before 
deciding how best to reply (or not).



Richard Gaskin wrote:
> webmail at xasamail.com wrote:
>> Let the flames begin!!
> I've been rather surprised by the reaction to the review excerpts posted 
> here.  While "webmailman" had been anonymous (and likely to remain so 
> after the flaming), a simple search in the use-rev archives shows at 
> least one prior post from that addrerss on a scripting issue.  So it 
> seems safe to say Mr. webmailman is a Rev scripter, not a troll.

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