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Congratulations on "If Monks" Brian .. I have already
spent several happy hours engrossed in its cloister -
and newly annointed to the rev order, I will
definitely download the demo stacks and try to learn
from them.


--- Brian Thomas <runrev at> wrote:

> At last, the conclusion to the longest running
> project in the history 
> of interactive media. Thanks again to everyone who
> helped build the 
> If Monks had Macs (or Windows) library.
> Runtime Revolution has just released a stack of
> scripts and tips as 
> to using Revolution/Dreamcard for multimedia. The
> stack may not be of 
> much help to the wizards on this site who have been
> so helpful to 
> over the years that I have been working on Monks.
> Nonetheless, it is 
> a good resource for you to know about and point out
> to new multimedia 
> developers. And the stack does share a wonderful
> technique that 
> Jeanne A.E. deVoto worked out for me so Monks could
> display life-size 
> (museum sized) paintings on small computer screens.
> You can download 
> the demo/codeshare tutorial through revOnline or by
> using this link:
> The two main differences between the new edition of
> Monks and last 
> year's is that:
> 1). Sophie, our ebook reader is now compatible with
> Mac OS 10.3. Also 
> all the ebooks have been revised and a new one
> added. The new ebook 
> is H.G.Wells The War of the Worlds. (I haven't tried
> to make it as 
> compelling as Orson Wells did, but I have added an
> introduction that 
> argues that the story is as timely at today's
> headlines.) This new 
> version of Sophie and all the ebooks is a free
> download from Richard 
> Gaskin's web site. If you already have a copy of
> Monks you can just 
> replace the old Sophie folder with the new one
> (being careful not to 
> toss any notebooks you may have created out.
> 2). I have included all my latest experiments in
> digital video and 
> photography -- all my efforts to take the ideals out
> of the library 
> and into the streets.
> These additions are all available on my web sites.
> -------------------
> For those of you who may not know what the hell this
> post has been 
> about, here is a brief timeline of "the longest
> running project in 
> the history of interactive media":
> The first library of fun and games and serious ideas
> that was called 
> If Monks had Macs was built with Apple Computer's
> HyperCard, 
> compressed onto two floppy disks and released as
> freeware in 1988. 
> That was before the creative success of the CD-ROM
> (which began the 
> following year with the Voyager Company's release of
> "Beethoven's 
> Ninth.") In 1995 when the Voyager Company published
> the first 
> commercial version of Monks I made the mistake of
> requesting that 
> they add this line to the back of the package:
> "Brian Thomas is currently working on If Monks had
> Windows."
> I failed to achieve this goal three times -- I
> failed in: Oracle 
> Media Objects, SuperCard, and mTropolis.
> Nonetheless, all that time I 
> was re-working the library's provocative text to
> make it beautifully 
> illustrated, quick and deep. Now I have succeeded in
> bringing If 
> Monks had Macs to Windows as well as to Mac OS X
> thanks to 
> "Revolution."
> For more info see my web site.
> -- 
> Brian
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