Can't build a standalone

Thomas Bähler toeloop at
Wed Dec 22 15:59:14 EST 2004

n'Abend Malte

 > ...Was your stack Password protected?

I checked if the stack was password protected: it was not. To be sure, 
I typed
"set the password of this stack to empty" and tried again building a 
with "Search for required inclusions..." but the result was the same as 
  "There was an error while saving the standalone application".
With the option "Select inclusions for standalone application" there's 
no problem.

By searching for clues I stumbled over a userprop named "revstack" in 
my stack
The "revstack" was set to "false". I changed it to "true" and couldn't 
see any difference. Even
after deleting this userprop nothing changed. I don't know where it 
came from or
what it was meant to be ?


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