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Doc -

If you want a well-paced walkthrough of Rev and Transcript, with extremely
helpful examples along the way, I think Dan's book can't be beat. Dan does a
great job of explaining the concepts that are conveyed in the product
documentation, and he does so in a way that the product manuals simply don't
deliver. Don't get me wrong -- the printed docs are well worth having, and I
recommend you get them in addition to Dan's book. But if you only want to
spring for one or other right now, then Dan's book is my recommendation.
It's a real treat!

Alan S. Golub
Publisher, revJournal

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> Hello all,
> Very shortly I will be upgrading from Dreamcard to the Rev Studio
> edition and started thinking about printed documentation as well...
> I'm not at all new to programming in general, but transcript is so
> much different (vast) in comparision to other languages I've used, I
> figure I'll need all the help I can get. :)
> Totally from a newbie's perspective in trying to get up to speed with
> the transcript language, which would be the better choice initially,
> the printed Rev doc's or Dan Shafer's book?
> Thanks,
> -Doc-
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