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Mon Dec 20 06:36:22 EST 2004

At 11:04 20/12/2004 +0000, Ben Rubinstein wrote:

>It's the glory of Transcript - so many ways to skin cats.  I like q too, but
>it depends on what you're doing.
>But it depends on lots of things - if there's just one quote, and you're
>using the value immediately in an expression, you might as well add it
>explicitly as in the first example.  If there's loads of quotes, and you're
>putting it into a variable anyway, then the fourth approach (backtick and
>separate replace) feels right to me.  If you've got 'q' already defined, and
>it's for your own use so you'll immediately know what it means, then q is
>good too.  Lots of quotes and returns, no backslashes?  Format might look
>attractive.  Horses for courses - Transcript gives us lots of choices.

Good exposition of the array of choices.
Now that I've seen that, I've changed my own way of doing it to method 5:

function qq pWhat
   replace "`" with quote in pWhat
   return pWhat
end qq

and so can simply write
   qq("`C:\Ba\Ba.exe` `-E` `%1`")

-- Alex.    

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