ANN: Altuit ships altBrowser for Mac and PC

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Dec 20 02:11:33 EST 2004

 From the RunRev website:

We are extremely pleased to offer exclusively altBrowser, the first tool 
that allows you to display full html text inside a Revolution or 
Dreamcard program. Using the Safari engine on the Mac and Internet 
Explorer engine on the PC you can now have an app that also looks like a 
full featured web browser. Included in the package is a demo stack that 
shows you how to take advantage of many of the advanced features in this 
ground breaking package.

Runtime Revolution has a special holiday package, both altBrowser and 
MagicCarpet for $79. That's 55 dollars off the $134 retail price! Plus, 
you'll receive both copies of altBrowser and not only the MagicCarpet 
plugin, but also standalones for both Mac and PC.

If you'd like to see a demo of altBrowser in action on Mac or PC, please 
check out the demo at:

More information regarding MagicCarpet can be found at:

Visit for more details about purchasing either altBrowser 
or MagicCarpet.

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