TT game

malte.brill at malte.brill at
Sun Dec 19 18:20:55 EST 2004

Hi Mr. Bill,

>Very nice work there, you should have shot for uDevGames, even 
>unfinished that would have been a winner.

Thanks. :-) Glad to hear you like it. I didn´t qualify for uDevGames as
this is a commercial product (at least a project I hope I´ll get paied
for it pretty soon... This project almost ruined me) My customer gives
it away for free to raise interest for his Homepage and it is mainly
geared to a german audience. He´s been very strict with what kind of
information the development team was allowed to put into the game and
he wouldn´t have allowed us  to put the iDevGames info into the game.

 >I posted links to your game and library at iDevGames forums so that 
>potential game makers might actually get interested in Revolution, and
those that 
> license Revolution and loathe the list can access it.

Well, thanks for posting a link to my lib. Concerning the game I hope
my customer wont be upset if he happens to stumble over the link and
that this won´t cause me trouble (did I mention the customer is very
strict with what kind of information should be.. :-X .. say no
My post with the links was meant  to be a temporary one only for the
fellow listas and it is likely that I take the game from my server
pretty soon.

>"libRMC is password protected. If you want to know
>how it works and see all the Scripts you need to buy the Revolution 
>Multimedia Cookbook.
>(the Revolution Multimedia Cookbook will be finished September 2004)"

>oh yeah? where is this thing?

Well actually most of it is on my Harddisc. I showed a preview version
on Malta at the ERC and the interest it gained motivates me to keep up
working on the Cookbook. But (as it is always the case) this is a
question of time=money. I needed to concentrate on finishing the game
(this was about 13 weeks of work, 10 hours a day for three people) to
pay  the things I need to pay and buy food for my family. When I first
posted links to the library it didn´t gain too much feedback, so I
wondered if I was the only person interested in pushing the library and
the tutorials for it. The Malta conference proofed me wrong and I can
tell  I am working on both improving the library and the in depth
tutorials (aka cookbook) :-) 



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