Bundle/Package Question

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Sun Dec 19 12:45:36 EST 2004

On Dec 19, 2004, at 8:18 AM, Rob Cozens wrote:

>> Anyone know if it's possible to enable an OSX Rev standalone app to 
>> accept a
>> dropped file and automatically place it somewhere within its package
>> contents?
> Here's what I use for d&d compression/decompression of files/folders 
> on MacOS:

To build on Rob's idea...  Maybe you can make a proxy that will add 
files to the app.  Drop files on the proxy icon and they are added to 
the app.

I think Alex used to build an app with XCODE that would add all the 
needed files and then copy in a executable from a standalone build.  
That was before the new standalone building.

Are you wanting the app to wake up and work in a special mode?


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