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Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Sun Dec 19 12:33:04 EST 2004

Recently, Rob Cozens wrote:

>> Anyone know if it's possible to enable an OSX Rev standalone app to accept a
>> dropped file and automatically place it somewhere within its package
>> contents?
> Here's what I use for d&d compression/decompression of files/folders on MacOS:
> on appleEvent aeClass,aeId,aeSender -- 3 Dec 04:RCC
>  if aeId is not "odoc" then pass appleEvent
>  request appleEvent data
>  catchTheObject it
> end appleEvent
> on catchTheObject droppedObject -- 3 Dec 04:RCC
>  switch (char -4 to -1 of droppedObject)
>  case ".sgz"
>    sdbExpandFile droppedObject
>    quit
>  case ".sga"
>    go to stack droppedObject
>    break
>  default
>    if there is a file droppedObject then
>      sdbCompressFile droppedObject
>      quit
>    else sdbCompressFolder droppedObject
>  end switch
> end catchTheObject

Thanks Rob:

Thanks, this is useful for me, but I should have described the situation
better.  I'm wondering if it's possible for the OSX package itself that's
sitting on the desktop to accept a drop (on the icon) and know to place a
file within its contents.  I don't need to filter any of the dropped files,
but simply place any file that is dropped on the app icon into a designated

Maybe this is too much voodoo to pull off...

Thanks & Regards.

P.S. I almost missed your message -- it came in from the year 1969... :-)

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