set a stack in the middel of the screen

thierry douez at
Sun Dec 19 10:27:19 EST 2004

>> ok, this didn't make the difference... but then i tried
>> something else, your "default" hit my mind :-)...
>> Come back in Edit mode,
>> redraw the stack with default decoration,
>> and set the rect of the stack to the rect of the image.....
>> and it works now :-)

KM> Strange, isn't it?!!! :-)

well, it's not the first time i find something strange....
and not only with Revolution :-)

i've seen the picture put in the left-top side of the stack window;
so the "normal" stack window was centered.... half the goal was reached :-)

Best regards, thierry

ps: i'm going to Schleiden in the Eifel
Do you know better this real place :-)

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