set a stack in the middel of the screen

thierry douez at
Sun Dec 19 09:37:28 EST 2004


KM> Did you try to swap the lines?
KM> I mean, first set the loc and then the w-shape...

KM> Wasn't there an issue with w-shapes and w-decorations???
KM> I have something like this on my mind...

KM> Try this one:

KM>    set the decorations of this stack to "default"
KM>    set the loc of me to the screenLoc
KM>    set the windowshape of me to 1008

ok, this didn't make the difference... but then i tried
something else, your "default" hit my mind :-)...
Come back in Edit mode,
redraw the stack with default decoration,
and set the rect of the stack to the rect of the image.....

and it works now :-)

Thank you, Klaus
Best regards, 

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