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Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Dec 17 14:18:24 EST 2004

Doug Rogers wrote:
> This is how I would have done it in Hypercard...
> with TheItems as a global:
> tell application "HyperCard" to copy variable "TheItems" to TheItems
> as one line of my Applescript.
> Which object do I address the copy/set command? Revolution doesn't have
> the dictionary to Get, Set or Copy.

Ooh, good question.  For some reason this hasn't come up for me so far in

I never discovered the technique you describe above for HyperCard; I used to
have a couple of functions (or perhaps a function and a handler) in the
stack script, called something like "setHCglobal" and "getHCglobal", and I
called those in an AppleScript.

But I've just tried that method in Rev now, and I get an execution error.
Presumably this is because as you've observed it doesn't have the dictionary

As it happens I've been able to get away so far with taking an applescript
that has a placeholder, and replacing the placeholder directly with
literals.  But obviously that only works for short values that don't have
any inconvenient characters such as returns or quotes.

I hope someone can up with a good answer to this.
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