ChatRev Client

Mark Schonewille europe at
Thu Dec 16 21:35:00 EST 2004

Dear Revolution users,

A new version of ChatRev 1.2M, my implementation of Björnke von 
Gierke's ChatRev client, has been released. ChatRev is an 
application that can connect to a ChatRev Server. ChatRev 1.2M19 
is fully compatible with the current ChatRev protocol. Major 
features include:

- on-line English dictionary using Babylon
- file transfer to and from other clients
- sending colourised text using menus or a palette
- compatibility with the new ChatRev forum format
- speech
- clickable web links
- automatic linking to Bugzilla
- graphical smileys
- optional interpreting of HTML tags
- an opportunity to sponsor the project

The stack and standalone versions of ChatRev 1.2M19 can be 
downloaded at 
<>. From 
there, follow the link to ChatRev.

Quick start: If you open ChatRev for the first time, choose the 
default url from the IP 
URL menu. An IP number will appear in the IP menu. Enter 80 into 
the Port field. Also, enter a user name and a password and click 
on the Connect button. If you haven't registered before, you 
will be asked to register. Fill out the form and click on Okay. 
Then click on Connect again.

To improve this client, it is very important that bugs are 
reported. If you encounter any problems with the client or have 
other comments, please send an e-mail to 
<mailto:chatrev at>. Include an extensive 
description of what you did before the problem occurred and add 
what you expected to happen instead. Also list the hardware and 
relevant software you are using, e.g. computer model, built-in 
memory, free hard disk space, and operating system.

I hope to meet you on ChatRev, soon!

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


eHUG coordinator
mailto:europe at
fax: +1 501 633 94 04

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