Disabled submenu items on Win XP

Éric Chatonet eric.chatonet at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 16 16:15:55 EST 2004

Le 16 déc. 04, à 18:01, <douez at wanadoo.fr> a écrit :

> Bonjour Eric,
> just as an example, look in revolution menu,
> The Text Menu.
> if you don't select any text, everything is disabled, from all
> the items of the menu to all the sub-items ( like the Fonts )...
> This is normal behavior on Windows, well at least on my computer :-)
> or do I miss something more subtle ?

May be ;-)
I am talking about an ENABLED menu item which has a submenu.
In this submenu, the first submenu item is disabled and all followings 
submenu items are enabled:
But you cant catch any one of these enabled submenu items on Win32 
because the whole menu just vanishes when the mouse is flying over the 
first disabled submenu item:

enabled menu item 1
enabled menu item 2
	DISABLED submenu item 21
	enabled submenu item 22
	enabled submenu item 23
enabled menu item 3

With Rev Win32, you are not able to select submenu item 22 or 23 :-(
On Mac OS X, no problem :-)
Any idea?

> HTH, thierry
> ÉC> For somes reasons depending on the context, the first item in a 
> submenu
> ÉC> has to be disabled but the following ones in the submenu are 
> enabled.
> ÉC> On Mac OS, there is no problem: so long you are in the menu area,
> ÉC> flying over enabled or disabled menu items makes no difference and 
> the
> ÉC> menu stays.
> ÉC> On Windows, if the first submenu item is disabled, you cant catch 
> the
> ÉC> following enabled submenu items: the menu vanishes :-(
> ÉC> Is that correct behavior according to some guide lines I dont know 
> on
> ÉC> Windows or is it a kind (...) of bug ?

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