[ANN} libEXIF v0.9

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Wed Dec 15 13:24:20 EST 2004

on 15/12/04 6:15 pm, Alex Tweedly wrote
> It would be generally easy to modify existing data (just overwrite the
> existing field), but trickier to add (or delete) data.

Is that (with data taking the same number of bytes), or do you mean one
could have something taking tags out of a source file, and storing them in a
destination file, and changing the data for some of them along the way.  (I
don't know enough about the JPEG format to know if that description even
makes sense - I just know that there's tags in them there jpeg files!)

> Do you have any particular purpose in mind ?  Any specific ideas for what
> you'd like to write ?

Not really, but a lot of my clients have large image bases, and rarely
sufficiently good ways to handle them.  Having a useful way to insert
sensible meta data - which would typically be not about the image, so much
as the subject of the image - could be really useful.  It's something that
in the past I've shied away from suggesting, for fear that I'd find myself
committed to an unfunded research project to make it work!  So I'd be very
interested in this.
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