Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Wed Dec 15 13:12:31 EST 2004

on 15/12/04 3:50 pm, Rob Cozens wrote

> If you or anybody else would like a native Transcript solution that
> compresses folders--including OSX app bundles--AND supports
> decompression of individual files, it's one quashed bug away from
> release.  Serendipity Library's compress/expand folder handlers
> appear to reconstruct all files in the folder(s) correctly; but OSX
> app bundles refuse to launch when double-clicked.  If someone can
> tell me what is preventing the decompressed app from launching I will
> fix it.  <>.

I was working a while ago on an app which stored the user's documents in a
custom format.  When I transitioned to XML, the size exploded.  So I looked
into storing it compressed.  The format returned by Transcript's "compress"
is only a whisker away from a zip file; but when I tried to do this,
including the optional 'comment' field, it produced a file which Stuffit
Expander on Windows decompressed happily; but Stuffit Deluxe 8.0.2 on MacOS
X claimed was corrupt.

So - could this be related to the problem you're having?  (If not: do you
support the comment field?  Because one day I'd like to actually fix this!)
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