parsing comments in scripts

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Wed Dec 15 12:41:31 EST 2004

on 15/12/04 2:19 pm, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote

> Not a particularly useful script, but notice the lack of blank lines
> between the handlers?

Fair point - I guess that's a coding style that I've never run across, but
it's certainly legal code.

> As for 'range comments', yeah, that's okay until you try to comment out
> a handler which already contains a 'range comment':

That's why I suggested
>> (I don't know whether /* */ comments nest; if not then Comment Handler should
>> disable internal occurences, eg changing to "/--*" and "*--/", and Uncomment
>> Handler reverse this.)

But fundamentally, my point is that having scripts compile with random junk
in them is very 20th century, and we should no longer accept it.  Everything
else is just suggestions for how we can alleviate the, in any case not that
great, loss of convenience for those who had got used to taking advantage of
this to support a lazy way of commenting out a handler (a way which is
already no longer safe, as has been observed).
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