Making a Rev-built app hoist itself to the foreground

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Wed Dec 15 10:41:15 EST 2004

On Dec 13, 2004, at 11:53 AM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> You might try something like this, making the obvious substitution for 
> the app title and fixing your trigger conditions, etc. (this works for 
> me in a button script, I click the button and switch apps, shortly 
> after which Rev automatically brings itself to the front):
> on mouseUp
>   wait for 20 sec
>   do "tell application " & quote & "Revolution" & quote & "to 
> activate" as appleScript
> end mouseUp

That works in a regular app, but oddly not in one called from the 
command line. They seem stuck in the background. I've tried using the 
script editor so there's no issue of improper applescript -- if the app 
is double-clicked, then you can make it come to the front with an 
applescript call. If it was called from the command line, seemingly 
nothing will make it come to the front.

There's also the issue what to do on the PC. I've seen Ken Ray's 
excellent suggestion on his tips page:

but I was hoping for a Rev-native solution. And his uses AppleScript on 
the mac, which seemingly doesn't work on a commadline app.

So: if anyone has any suggestions for a native solution on the PC, 
bring 'em on. On the Mac side, I'm going over the AppleScript list to 
see if they have an answer to the won't-come-forward issue.


Geoff Canyon
gcanyon at

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