New Revolution Game

James Russell ausgames2000 at
Wed Dec 15 05:58:59 EST 2004

Hello all,

I've been busy in the trenches these past few months
tinkering away at a dream of mine. I'm heading off to
university next year for a Biomolecular degree, during
the middle of this year I suddenly realized that I
wouldn't have much free time once I began. So I
thought to myself, what would I like to accomplish
before then... To create one last game of course!

Now, although this is still in alpha stages (meaning
not all features are included/working) I decided to do
a special release to the revolution community. To
describe it best I would say its a cross between an
RTS, an RPG and Sim game. I've designed the game
around the limits of revolution, or that could rather
be my limits :) Which makes the game feel quite unique
(I hope you feel the same when playing it).

This is a double-edged blade as they say. One, I hope
to hear some feedback (like every author does)
including (hopefully not though) if it doesn't work.
Second, to get some more games flowing through the rev
community damnit! :P

jeremy at

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