record sound & send via sockets

sims sims at
Tue Dec 14 16:17:15 EST 2004

>Dar Scott wrote:
>>On Dec 14, 2004, at 11:23 AM, sims wrote:
>>>The goal is to be able to have a voice chat instead of a text chat.
>>>Any general suggestions?
>>It might be there is some command-line app that can do all the work 
>>and meet some standard and then all you have to do is control it.
>That may be a good option. There's so much work involved in 
>correcting for latencies with such data transfer that it'll be hard 
>to beat the work done by specialists.
>Would it be acceptable to just use iChat or other chat client as a 
>helper app for whatever workflow you're supporting?

I need to have a system which is hardwired so employees cannot abuse it.
It must be set up to connect only to one computer so they cannot be calling
friends and others during work hours.

There are a few VoIP packages, we might have to have one customised 
for our needs
but the idea of making something with Rev is appealing. Others might 
also find the stack
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