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Tue Dec 14 13:17:45 EST 2004

Hi Trevor,

> On Dec 14, 2004, at 10:00 AM, Klaus Major wrote:...
>>> This worked for me.  Took a 60KB file down to 28KB.
>>> ditto -c -k -X --rsrc RevolutionScreenSnapz001.pdf
>>> -X keeps the archive from descending into directories that have a 
>>> different device ID
>> Don't get this one...
> I'm not positive but I assume it won't go into a directory that points 
> to another harddrive, etc.  I'm just guessing though.


>>> and -k signifies a PKZip archive as opposed to a CPIO archive.
>> ...but this one :-)
>> Yeah, great, works fine!!! Thanks!
>> And how can i decompress the resulting file again?
> ditto -x -k test
> -x tells ditto that the first file is an archive.  -k tells it that 
> the file is pkzip rather than cio.  This will output the contents of 
> to a folder named test.

Thank you very much!!!

Has been archieved :-)

> Trevor DeVore
> Blue Mango Multimedia
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