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Mon Dec 13 15:36:02 EST 2004

On 12/13/04 1:11 PM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> If you found this to be so useful, why not submit a feature request?  
> Maybe something like this would be in order:
> on handlerName is disabled
> or
> disabled handlerName
> or something like that.
> empty on handlerName
> ?

That's more work. ;) The reason I use the top-comment disabling 
technique so much is because I often write two or three different 
versions of a handler, and then comment/uncomment them repeatedly until 
I decide which one I want to use. Sometimes this is for benchmarking, 
sometimes it is just because I'm experimenting with a different 
technique but I don't want to lose the original. It is very fast to 
click once and type a couple of hyphens.

Dragging over the whole handler -- which can sometimes be very long -- 
and choosing a menu item is more work. Not that big a deal, but enough 
that I always choose the commenting method instead. But except for 
excessively long handlers, changing the text of the first line would 
probably be even more work, so would be less preferable than the 
drag-select-choose menuitem method.

My ideal fix would be as Ken suggested: applying the script would 
automatically add comment characters to all the lines of the handler for 
me. Or perhaps we could simply choose "comment" from the menu, and it 
would automatically comment out all the lines of whatever handler the 
insertion point is currently in. That'd be okay with me too.

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