Delete card loop crashes Rev

Frank D. Engel, Jr. fde101 at
Mon Dec 13 11:43:08 EST 2004

Also, as pointed out previously on this list, anything which causes Rev 
to crash is and should be treated as a bug (the only possible exception 
would be a custom external which causes the crash, but you would likely 
know if you were using one, and none of the code you posted would seem 
to indicate the use of an external).  This should be filed in Bugzilla, 
prefereably with a crash log, which can be obtained from the Console 
application in the Applications/Utilities folder under OS X.

On Dec 12, 2004, at 7:46 AM, Robert Brenstein wrote:

>> I have a stack that I use to download entire sites, Card one is set 
>> to cantDelete... I download the Table of contents page to that card, 
>> then run a script that parse the page and downloads every page on 
>> that has an href in the Table of Contents page... then dump to my 
>> hard drive.. and viola... locally accessible tutorials..  When I go 
>> to download a different site... I intend to delete the previous one 
>> with this script:
>> on mouseup
>>   Answer "You are about to delete all data except card 1! This is 
>> unrecoverable!" with "Cancel" or "Proceed"
>>   if it is "Cancel" then exit mouseup
>>   lock screen
>>   put the number of cards of this stack into tLoops
>>   go to card tLoops
>>   repeat (tLoops-1) times
>>    delete this card
>>   end repeat
>> end mouseup
>> which consistently causes Rev to crash on Mac OSX
>> Any clues? looks like a bug to me as I've used this script before 
>> successfully for years in Supercard, Metacard and in earlier 
>> renditions of Rev.
>> Sivakatirswami
> a) comment out the lock screen to see what is going on
> the go to card tLoops takes you to the last card. When you delete it, 
> you end up on the next which is the first card of the stack. Then you 
> delete it. And I think that is where your script and the button 
> resides.
> b) try changing the loop
>   repeat while the number of cards of this stack > 1
>    go to the last card
>    delete this card
>   end repeat
> this should also work and be more efficient
>   repeat while the number of cards of this stack > 1
>    delete the last card of this stack
>   end repeat
> c) I would change the logic of the program to avoid this altogether
> keep the cards to be deleted in a substack which is a clone of a 
> template substack, so you simply delete that entire substack. This may 
> allow you to actually retain and support multiple sets in parallel.
> Robert
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