parsing comments in scripts

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Fri Dec 10 15:11:39 EST 2004


Friday, December 10, 2004, 5:01:53 AM, you wrote:

>>(did I leave any out)

AT> text # comment
AT> and variants of that.

...yes, I was thinking of # and -- as interchangeable here.

>>put the tokens of "put" && quote & "something" & quote && "--comment"

AT> That's not quite what I see - I get just
AT> put something
AT> i.e. without either quote; that makes sense because once the line is
AT> tokenized, the quotes are unnecessary.

My bad typing - I left out the parens. Make that
put the tokens of ("put" && quote & "something" & quote &&

AT> Sorry Mark, it won't work in all cases. In particular, any case where there
AT> are more tokens than words.

AT> put a+b into c

... dang operator tokens... back to the drawing board...

AT> I don't have any suggestions, yet .... but it's an intriguing question, so
AT> I'll use it as an excuse to avoid gardening this afternoon :-)

Well, winter itself (or December) should be a good excuse. Me, I was
happy to get some greens in the ground before the rains started.

-Mark Wieder
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