Database Question From Newbie

John Miller johnmiller1950 at
Thu Dec 9 14:54:31 EST 2004


Thanks for your help. I deleted the line in my code that set the 
location of the driver, and I was able to connect to the database.

Just a question for clarification:  If Revolution uses its own  ODBC 
driver to access my database, then why do I have to designate a 
database driver when I set up my DNS in Windows XP?  Is the Revolution 
driver a bridge that talks to my software's ODBC driver which in turn 
talks to the database?  Or, does the Revolution ODBC driver by-pass my 
software's ODBC driver altogether?

My next project is to build a query that reads my inventory file and 
extracts 4 columns. The names of these columns in the database are 
"itemNum", "itemName", "class" & "cost".  I don't understand how to 
build a query that does this. I've read all the documentation on this 
within Revolution, but I must be dense or something.

I would be grateful for any help you have time to offer.

John Miller

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