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Wed Dec 8 13:27:58 EST 2004

U.S. Patent Awarded for Pageflex's Flexible Template Technology

(, the leading provider of variable data publishing and Web-to-print 
technology, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a 
patent for Pageflex's flexible template technology. 

 Pageflex template technology enables a document layout to "flex," 
accommodating variable content within sophisticated designer-specified guidelines. The 
Pageflex XML-based composition engine handles page content (text and images) 
separate from page form (layout). When the length or size of custom content is 
different than the size of the box the content is flowing into, the box can 
expand in either the horizontal or vertical direction (or both), to accommodate 
the content. Designer-specified rules determine the maximum and minimum 
dimensions, as well as behavior of the surrounding elements on the page. The result 
is the ability to define sophisticated templates that accommodate a wide range 
of variable content by flexing the page layout. Pageflex's U.S. patent 
includes all of these capabilities as well as additional claims for related 

 "Pageflex solutions are founded on our unique flexible template technology," 
said Anna Chagnon, Pageflex CEO. "Receiving this patent is an important 
milestone as we accelerate on our growth plan, ensuring protection for our 
innovations that help our customers compete successfully." 

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