using links on the web

Pierre Del. pdel at
Tue Dec 7 19:26:17 EST 2004

Hi everybody.

I have hundred of pages written in a rev stack. In these pages are 
included numerous links made using the linktext property.
When I click on the text, a very simple message like "ABCDE" is sent 
and leads to another card.

My problem is the following : if I put the htlmtext of my pages on a 
web site, and if the user clicks on the links, the browser searches a 
page named "ABCDE" and of course finds nothing since it is not a URL.

It would be a lot of work to replace each link by an URL.

I have a MySQL database with a table associating a correct URL to each 
"ABCDE", but I can't find a way to recover "ABCDE"as a variable and 
send it to the database.

Maybe a javascript script??

Thanks for your help.

Pierre Delain

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