Add fields from stack in data directory to standalone

Bob Hartley rev at
Sun Dec 5 15:18:19 EST 2004

Hi All.

I've not been rev'd up for a while now (new job kept me away). I was 
looking at the threads regarding saving database data in a file.
I'm just trying to get my head roung the grand plan before I do down the 
wrong path like the last time (see database tutorial thread)

Some suggested that you could have a data directory with stack in it and 
have the standalone reference this... Eureka I thought!!!

OK tall me if I'm right on this please.

Can I have a premade database eg bob1 and make a standalone. Then have a 
stack file eg baddresstemplate.rev and  have the data put in a .rev fiel.

Would it be something liek this (note: the syntax is made up)......
On mouse up (on a button called new entry)
Copy addresstemplate.rev to directory C:\Bobdata
  put the text of field "bobs address" into field1 of card1 of stack 
end mouse up

is this the way to do it?


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