Coding for windows standalone

Andrew alw918 at
Sat Dec 4 17:35:58 EST 2004

>  Can someone please provide me with or refer me to a basic list of
> things that I should avoid when making a stack with the intention of
> turning it into a Windows standalone?
Thanks a lot for those who responded about my Windows standalone 
question! :)
> Windows is a big, weird mess.  What was the specific problem?
Windows certainly is a 'weird mess'.  Anyway, the problem that I 
originally had I solved, (and I'll tell you how for those that might 
have the same problem in the future.)  But now it's giving me a new 
problem that I haven't seen before!
Here we go:
My stack involves a keydown handler where the user pushes a key and 
then an "ask" window appears.  From there, the user can interact with 
the CPU in a type of "talk-bot"/AI scenario.  (It's actually quite fun, 
if you want to check it out http//
As I said, the Mac standalone works just fine, but the windows 
standalone had the problem that simply NOTHING would happen when you 
pushed the first key that is supposed to initiate the "ask" menu.  
(Yes, I did make sure to include "ask" windows when I was building the 
standalone settings.)
Then, I realized that my code was very long and it was all in the card 
script.  When I broke the code down into two sections and put one half 
in the script of some button and left the other half in the card 
script, this seemed to take care of the problem of the "ask" window not 

However, now there's a new problem.  My ask window appears just fine.  
You can type things in just fine, but when you push "okay" a field is 
supposed to appear with the CPU's "response" to your statement.  This 
field does not appear, or at least there is no text in it.
Any ideas why this might be happening?  (By the way, I didn't make any 
changes to this field.  The field appears just fine on the mac 

Thanks a lot!

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