CSV spec and the failure that is MSDN

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sat Dec 4 09:41:52 EST 2004

Welcome to Windows!

It might be easiest to write a vbs exporter to correct their
crap... I would search in that direction first. 

Second option: use tab file export or DBF (I think DBF is uppercase 
ASCII data but i might be wrong). 

Moft sux in exporting data - they've never had any any or any
consistency at all for crossplatformness - in the very least. 

But a bit of vbs would be the way to go.
You can invoke vbs or wsh (windows scripting host) with the
shell and just type your scripts in a stack. 

There's also export options if I remember in excel. Access I avoid 
az muuuch az pazeebel. Crapware warning.

Dont use msdn, use technet.microsoft.com! ;)

cheerios man!

I use RunRev to evade Windows daily!

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> Subject: CSV spec and the failure that is MSDN
> Anyone know where I can find the official spec for the CSV 
> formats used by Micro$oft Access, Micro$oft Excel, and the 
> the spec used by the rest of the world?
> All three differ from one another, and according to some 
> Micro$oft has changed how CSV is implemented in Excel at 
> least once, maybe twice, so it would be good to find 
> historical specs as well.
> So far the best I can find is this page:
> <http://www.lazy8.nu/doc/exportoptions.en.html#standardspecification>
> Nice, but doesn't cover the change, nor Access at all, and if 
> from a third party so I have no way to know how current or 
> thorough it is.  At least with Micro$oft-published specs I 
> can point customers to the source if they have a problem.
> Some of the differences include how/whether returns, tabs, 
> commas, and quotes are escaped.  For example, some programs 
> output CSV with quotes escaped with \q, and others with \", 
> and others with "".  Fun eh?  And that's just the beginning.
> I've tried looking through MSDN, but everytime I try to use 
> that archaic search engine I get more headaches than results.
> If any of you know the secret recipe to finding how Microsoft 
> defines CSV in its products I'd be much obliged.
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