CSV-parsing post?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Dec 3 11:52:53 EST 2004

MisterX wrote:

 >>Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> I could have sworn I'd seen a post here in parsing CSV files
 >> recently, but now that I'm in a position to test it I can't
 >> turn it up.
 >>W ould the poster kindly re-post?  Thanks in advnance -
 > c for commas or c for concurrent ;)

In "CSV" the "C" stands for "comma" ("comma-separated values").  "C" 
stands for "concurrent" in "CVS".

You and I both currently use a method that walks through the data 
character by character, but the method I'm looking for uses the split 
command in a novel way with a ten-fold speed improvement.

Earlier versions of that algorithm failed in testing some files here, 
but fortunately I was able to find the post that addresses the fix, by 
Alex Tweedly:

Thanks for that, Alex. I'll run the fix through some tests and see if it 
works well here....

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