Screen Flicker on WindowShape Change

Igor Couto igor at
Fri Oct 31 18:00:44 EST 2003

Hello, All!

When I change the windowShape of a stack (from using one image to 
another as a shape mask), regardless of whether I 'lock screen', I 
always get a bad screen flicker.

To make matters worse, when I change the window shape, all the controls 
that are present in the window have to be moved to new locations, so 
not being unable to lock screen makes the transition even more obvious 
(and rather unpolished...).

The script goes something like this:

on toggleWindow
	lock screen
	toggleStackShape -- toggles from shape 'a' to shape 'b'
	changeControlPositions -- moves the controls to the right position, 
based on current shape
	unlock screen
end toggleWindow

Does anyone know of a way to somehow avoid the screen flicker, and make 
this transition seem 'smooth'? Any hints or suggestions would be 

Many thanks,
Igor de Oliveira Couto

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