Mouse scroll wheel in Mac OS 9

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Fri Oct 31 17:30:31 EST 2003

At 1:55 PM -0800 10/31/03, Greg DeVore wrote:
>I posted about this question before but that was right before the 
>list went down.  Does anyone know how to get the mouse scroll wheel 
>to work under OS 9?  As far as I can tell Revolution doesn't receive 
>a rawkeydown message from the scroll wheel in OS 9.  I wrote a 
>little app to test this (it would put the rawkey number into a 
>field).  Under OS 10 I get a keynumber - in OS 9 nothing.

Scroll wheels aren't supported under Mac OS - only OS X. (Sorry.)
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