iGame3D FMOD & Revolution

WIlliam Griffin bill at igame3d.com
Fri Oct 31 14:33:48 EST 2003

> Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 19:31:40 -0800
> From: Ken Norris <pixelbird at interisland.net>
> Subject: Re: iGame3D FMOD & Revolution
> Howdy Bill,
> ----------
> I got this error when the stack opens:
>          executing at 7:28:03 PM
> Type    Handler: can't find handler
> Object    FMOD Example
> Line    FfRInit
> Hint    FfRInit
> Ken N.

Silly me, forgot to tell you all that for the External to work 
correctly during development
it should be in both the stack directory and the Revolution application 
I make this mistake 1 out of 10 times Tobi updates an external.
A finished application of course only needs it in the built application 

> ----------
> Wonderful!!

> Say, what about stick control? I've beem vying for something that can 
> add
> other controls besides keyboard and mouse/trackball, specifically 
> joysticks.
> For my uses, I would need choices of 'Relative' (similar to mouse 
> control)
> or 'Absoute' (springs back to center of a specified rectangle 
> [reverseable
> for flight/steering control]), and 'Sensitivity' (speed).
> Right now I'm using "USB Overdrive" for the Mac, but you have to 
> assign the
> software to implement it in, and other settings from its Control 
> Panel, and
> can't change them anywhere else (no AppleScript library). I can make 
> it work
> in place of keys, too.
> An external for at least Windows and Mac OS/OSX would be the berries!
> Ken N.

Hmm Neither of us owns game controllers. I suggest contacting USB 
OverDrive folks and see if they
would be interested in building an external. If not it will be some 
time before we have money to go buy new toys.

Does overdrive send keyboard commands if told to do so? Like hit button 
"X" and the preset key is sent a keydown?
If so try setting it to WASDRFQE and Arrows keys and see what results 
you get with the demo's.

> I suspect it only works with Mac OSX...true?

  Works on Mac OS X and Windows.

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