Complex Layout Problem

Bojsza gbojsza at
Thu Oct 30 14:53:23 EST 2003

Has anyone ever had to layout an interface that the user can input 
various values into fields and build a logical AND, OR and NOT string?
For example I have two fields sAddr and dAddr in which the user can 
enter any ip address they want. But they also can define a logical 
statement from these fields:

Example: The user enters sAddr dAddr and wants this 
combination OR sAddr AND NOT dAddr

This builds the expression

(sAddr AND dAddr OR (sAddr NOT dAddr

The grouping is key and must be maintained as the user continues to add 
addition statements.

My thought was to have three identical groups of for each 
logical operator. Allow the user to enter his first requirements, build 
the expression and then see if they have another set of requirements.

Is the most efficient way to approach this? Sorry this is not a 
Revolution specific problem but I was hoping the board would still have 
some insight.



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